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For just $20.00 you can help Angela's efforts to
inform the public about domestic violence and receive
this beautiful and inspirational calendar.

$15.00 of the cost is tax-deductible as a charitable contribution


Let Angela Brown show you how to regain control of your life!

She will show you how she came back from Hell to Heaven where she is today. Angela did this by making choices, then taking responsibility for her choices. Let her show you how you can change your life by becoming a survivor instead of a victim simply by making better choices.


New book by award-winning

Angela Brown's latest book author Angela Brown!

An unforgettable description of the author's journey from a childhood family of domestic violence, through one battering, abusive relationship to another, to a transition to a normal productive life and loving relationships. How to break the cycle of abuse and reclaim the rewarding life that awaits those who know how to rise above the violence.
More about the book...
   Recovered Victim of Battering and Abuse

   Woman's Rights Advocate


   Radio and Television Personality
   1998 Working Woman of the Year